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i forgot this place exsisted.

Well, guess who is back! at least i'm here today, don't hold your breath for me to be come back often, i'm kinda flakey like that. but i'm here now and plan to give you a nice long update. i deserve space on your friend's page because i've used so little (read: none) for over a year. :)
But today I'm bored and I'm at work with nothing better to do. So, here I am with a really lame update.
So, since i'm on the subject: work sucks. Really it's not too bad, i've had worse. in fact my last job was a lot worse. Now, i work in a call center. so i sit on my butt all day and place orders for people out of our catalog. yep, it's easy. and since it's a holiday no one is calling in. it's dead here. we're all just walking around and talking and doing nothing. it's more like Breakfast Club style detention than work. Yeah, but work sucks so let's not talk about that any more.
I really enjoy owning my own home. (yeah, i have to share it with andrew, but close enough) I just love going home and knowing it's *my* home. it's just a warm fuzzy. I guess andrew probably told ya'll about the infestation of birds we have in our air vent. it's annoying to listen to, but we've decided to just let them be for the season and clean it all out in the winter. hopefully we'll be able to keep them from coming back.
A while back Andrew's grandparents gave us their old tv because they fell in love with HD. but the tv they gave us isn't really old by normal standard, i guess it's just outdated compared to HD. it's really nice and big (i've got no clue what the measurement is really). because it's so nice and we've got tivo i started spending too much time zoned into the thing.
well, i'm so bored i think i've got to stop typing.
but it's good to be back :P
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