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My new (old) Typewriter

My mom just bought me this typewriter! Well, not actually this one, but one just like it. Only mine's better because, well, it's mine. And mom only paid $15 at a yardsale. My mom is awesome. Now all I need is some new ribbon for it. I can't wait for the clunk-clunk-clunk-shing.

I've always wanted to be an author. And although I never knew why until now, I always felt like I needed an old manual typewriter to do that. It just seemed like a requirement to real creative writing. And now I just figured out why when I found this quote:

"A recent survey of the top 1,000 living English-language authors finds that more than 80 percent own manual typewriters averaging 43 years in age and three broken functions, with a per-unit resale value of $4.75 and slipping. Yet in a questionnaire about their response if brigands should invade their homes and demand either their beat-up old manual typewriters or their spouses on pain of death, a whopping 96 percent wrote 'Spouse.'" -- Robert McCall, "Keystrokes of Genius," The New York Times, June 2, 2002
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