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Subject:poker night
Time:11:02 am
Last night yaw4god_emt and I went to the weekly NL Texas Hold'em tourney at the moose lodge (30+3 buy in). I was 5th! I won 140! I'm happy. I may not have won, but I've said it once and I'll say it again: Any time you leave with more money than you came with it's a good day, and yesterday was a good day. I even had a while where I was big stack, massive chip lead, and I could bully my table. Seriously for a good hour I had people running from pots that I got in. But then I hit a bad streak of cards, and got a little tired, so by the last table my stack wasn't looking so hot, so I was hanging on for dear life at that point to survive as long as I could. But all in all I had a lot of fun, gained valuable experience, and won a decent chunk of money. WOOHOO!
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Subject:the house hunting begins
Time:04:36 pm
well, to get the rest of you in the loop... i'm looking for a house for my in-laws. they seem to want to move closer and start a bed and breakfast here. so, my livejournal is going to be used for updates on the process.

well, the first two houses i saw and really wanted were way out of our budget (and i don't even know what our budget is) at a tune of 425k and 399k respectively. *sigh* but i haven't given up hope.

I did find out for sure that a bed and breakfast can be done in Edwardsville. Checking surrounding towns is on my list.

here's just a few more leads i haven't even driven by yet:
1. I don't have an opinion on this one yet.
2. I don't like the outside of this one (at least not in the picture, like i said i haven't driven by) but N.O. Nelson's daughter once lived there.(that = historic for LeClaire/Edwardsville)and LeClaire is the area of Edwardsville that my parents live in.
3. This one maybe getting a little pricey again, but i might as well drive by since it's down the block from #1.

And, even though we could start a b&b in edwardsville, each of these are currently zoned for residential so they would need to be re-zoned.
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Subject:the gifts have been tallied, and the results are in:
Time:08:05 am
yeah, my birthday was three days ago... but andrew's present was a little late in arriving. But it's here now, so this is the total of my birthday presents a wishes... yeah, i'm loved :P

a day spa gift package; a glass fountain pen (kinda like this: http://www.thewritersedge.com/images_01/Crystal_Fountain_Feather_Ink_Well_Indigo_Ink_Components.jpg ); dinner out with my parents, brother, and andrew; 4 cards (three with checks... $250); a text message ("HBD2U HBD2U HBD2UUUUUU HBD2U"); and last but not at all least lj birthday wishes from jenn_lynn_nc

not bad for a day's work.
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Time:11:20 pm
andrew and i went to reno last weekend... yeah, i'm really good with my updates aren't i? although he probably already told you all about it, here's my side of the story:
the trip there wasn't very noteworthy. woohoo, airplane, woohoo, airports, woohoo, dragging luggage all over the place, woohoo!
we spent most of our time there on the poker tables. i ended up pretty much even, but i did clock in a lot of time.
so i wasn't super lucky there, but we were with our room. we got to upgrade to a spa suite just for a little leak (buckets of water pouring out of the bathroom's ceiling light)
we were going to head into san fransisco, but it started to snow pretty hard as we were crossing donner pass. the prospect of repeating history wasn't very appetizing.
our plain was delayed on the trip back so we were sent through LAX to STL... nice long nap, bad lunch.
and that is all to my story.
thanks for listening.
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Subject:funny childhood story...
Time:11:10 pm
When I was little we lived across town from my grandparents, so we went over there a lot. Grandpa would usually be sitting in his office (where he ran his business from home) doing work, and Grandma would be puttering around the house. He frequently asked me to go tell/ask Grandma something, and like a good little girl i always rushed to it without a question or comment.
One summer, when they were watching us (my two brothers and I) while mom and dad were at work, I was sitting in the office with grandpa. He was probably telling me some story with a lot of grandfatherly wisdom in it, and i was probably pretending to understand it all, when i heard the ice-cream truck.
"Grandpa, can i have some money for an ice-cream"
"Well, I tell you what," He said, knowing the ice-cream truck was still a little ways off by the faint sound of it's unforgettable melody, "you can..."
My face beamed.
"if you go ask grandma if she'll buy me a color tv." he finished.
I looked at him funny, but i left the room without another word. I didn't go ask grandma, however, i simply resigned myself to the fact i wouldn't get any ice-cream that day and played somewhere else.
The next day when i heard the truck's call, i asked him again hoping that he had forgotten what he asked me to do the day before "can i get an ice-cream grandpa?"
"you sure can, if you go ask grandma if i can get a color tv"
I didn't ask her, and I didn't get ice-cream.
this pattern continued for weeks on end. it bothered grandpa that i didn't comply, like i always had in the past. he told grandma and my parents, and they were concerned. Day after day i would ask for ice-cream, day after day he would send me on this errand, and day after day i wouldn't do it. I could tell that he was becoming more and more frustrated, and he could tell that i was becoming more and more dejected. again it happened...
"grandpa, can i get an ice-cream?"
"sure, if you ask your grandma to get me color tv."
as i looked back at him, i almost started to cry. then i turned to leave the room again... but i really wanted some ice-cream, so i stopped, turned around and asked him pointedly "but, grandpa, what color do you want?"
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Time:06:10 pm
it's amazing what you can find to do in your own hometown when you take off your blinders and get out of your rut.
i just got back from a wonderful mini-vacation with yaw4god_emt without going more than an hour away from home.
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Subject:i'm still sick.
Time:03:54 am
well, i never got really got better on christmas. I started running a fever and tried everything i know, but couldn't break it. Dr. Mom told me to give it until morning and see what the temp was then. By the time I got up on fri morning my temp was 102.9. We called the doctor only to find out he's on vacation, of course. so we take off for the emergency room. Oh joy. So, they put me on fluids, did some blood work, took some x-rays, and gave me some medicine. Somewhere in all of this, mom asks if i can have a blanket since i'm shaking. the nurse says "we can't give her a blanket. she has a fever. a fever doesn't get blankets. we don't want her to sweat". at this mom andrew and i looked at each other for a min before any of us could speak. I've "sweat out" every fever i ever had. i spent all day christmas running around with three layers and a blanket trying to sweat out my fever as i'm unwrapping gifts. finally mom speaks up and says that a doctor told her about sweating out fevers, to which the nurse just replied "yeah, there is a whole generation of people that think they need to bundle up as much as possible when they get a fever, but this makes the situation worse." Great! so i just put myself in this state. If i hadn't followed a tried and true dr. mom remedy the medicine i took would have probably dropped my fever and i would have been ok. thanks for telling me this now. shouldn't there be people who's sole purpose in life is to inform the public about things like this. seriously, turn it into an ad-campaign, shout it from the mountain top, tell the world. don't hoard away a secret like that until someone comes to you with a temp of 103. grrrrrrr

anyway, i have the flu...
and no, i don't get flu shots.
i was told i'm only contagious while the fever is up, and my temp has been down, with the help of meds, since i left the hospital, and on it's own for over 24 hours. so i'm free to cough on the world without fear of lawsuit. (yummy thought i'm sure)
my grandmother, she came down from chicagoland for christmas, is leaving tomorrow. this makes me incredibly happy for one reason only, she took my room. :( the only thing worse than being sick is being sick on an air mattress on the floor of your brother's room.
well, that's all for now, i should probably be going back to bed anyway. maybe latter i'll tell ya'll what i got for christmas. in case you care :P
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Subject:very very grateful
Time:01:09 pm
i can't say how grateful i am that my husband had to work christmas day... hear me out... because he's working we are opening presents later this evening (after christmas dinner at 4ish). This gives me time to get back in the holiday mood. I woke up this morning feeling like crap warmed over. I hadn't slept much because i developed a deep cough that is continuing to tear my throat and lungs to shreds. But when I got up this morning i took some Robitussin and it just knocked me out. I still woke up coughing once or twice. Now i feel a lot better, although still not up to par. I think I could join in the festivities later, but if they were this morning I would have been the worst party poop-er of christmas. :(

so thanks honey :)
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Time:07:37 pm
well, it's been a while since i caught up on my friend's list reading and actually felt like still posting something myself.
so, the other day yaw4god_emt told me that he found this in thursby's journal and that he'd done it himself. so, though i read the list in thursby's post, i figured i'd copy and edit yaw4god_emt's. then i read on, and jenn_lynn_nc beat me to it. :)
so here i am with my edit/bolded version of jenn_lynn_nc's list.

for those of you who still have no clue what i'm talking about (i think it only leaves you moonfall unless you've already seen this somewhere else, since zipmedic is also a friend of yaw4god_emt and now i'm mentioned my entire friends list in this post)

read the list and if you so choose
1: copy into your journal
2: bold the statements that are also true for you
3: change the statements that are false so they become true

so, here it isCollapse )
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Subject:yes, i'm still alive, and no, i don't want to do a real post... this is all you get:
Time:10:58 pm
you are indigo

Your dominant hues are blue and magenta. You're the one who goes to all the parties but doesn't quite fit in at every one... you know what you want, but are afraid of what the world might think of it. You're a little different and that's okay with them, and if you're smart it's okay with you too.

Your saturation level is very high - you are all about getting things done. The world may think you work too hard but you have a lot to show for it, and it keeps you going. You shouldn't be afraid to lead people, because if you're doing it, it'll be done right.

Your outlook on life can be bright or dark, depending on the situation. You are flexible and see things objectively.
the spacefem.com html color quiz
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