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80's cartoons, 911, aa milne, acoustic guitar, adventures, amazing race, anastasia, angelina jolie, anime, art, australia, autumn, banff, beauty and the beast, being stupid, bible, blessid union of souls, books, bright eyes, calla lillies, cameras, candles, cartoons, chocolate, christian, christianity, color, colorguards, converse sneakers, crime scene analysis, criminology, csi, csi: miami, daydreaming, disney, disney world, dp, dr p, dr pepper, dr. pepper, dragons, drama, drawing, dvds, edward norton, elves, eyes, faeries, fantasy, fantasy art, fantasy genre of books, fantasy novels, fate, fear, fight club, food, foreign languages, friends, fun, furniture, gaming, god, gone with the wind, hamlet, homestar runner, homsar, hugs, incense, indiana jones, internet, jrr tolkien, kenneth branagh, kids, kingdom hearts, kissing, laughing, life, linguistics, lord of the rings, love, marching bands, monty python, movies, muppet treasure island, muppets, music, my little pony, old navy, openminded, othello, outer space, painting, paints, photography, photos, pics, pizza, plastic lunchboxes, playstation, playstation 2, poetry, pouring rain, profiling, ps2, psychology, quizzes, rain, rainbow brite, reading, rollercoasters, sarcasm, saving money, science fiction, shakespeare, shopping, sleeping, sleeping in, southern illinois, space exploration, spirituality, st. louis, star wars, stars, staying out late, stormy days, strawberry shortcake, strong bad, summer, sunsets, swords, talking, tea, the barenaked ladies, the breakfast club, the little mermaid, the moon, the nightmare before christmas, the simpsons, the sims, third watch, tinker bell, tv, veggietales, video games, winnie-the-pooh, winter, without a trace, words, writing